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Welcome to MosquitoInsectControl.com, your source for products to 
help you live insect-free in the great outdoors.

 Mosquito Sprayers, Skeeter Defeater Mosquito Trap and Insect Trap: SkeeterVac, DynaTrap, FREE Shipping SkeeterDefeater Refill, DynaTrap replacement bulbs, Bug Slug, FineTune Bait Block for Skeeter Vac, TacTrap for SkeeterVac

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 Accessories & Refills

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To get started, just click on a category above to start browsing our selection of insect and  mosquito-killing products, featuring the Skeeter Defeater Mosquito Sprayer, the DynaTrap and  SkeeterVac Mosquito Traps, and Mosquito and Insect Products Refills and Accessories like Bug Slug pesticide and  Skeeter Defeater refills and accessories for DynaTrap and SkeeterVac.

We have everything you need for mosquito control and bug and insect control.  Whether you are looking for a pesticide, mosquito vacuum, mosquito trap or even a mosquito sprayer, we will help you find a product that will work for you and your needs.  Check our selection of brands like Skeeter Vac, Skeeter Defeater Dispenser, and DynaTrap DT1000.  We also have a full selection of refills and accessories: Bug Slug Refills in your choice of size,  Skeeter Defeater Insecticide RefillsTacTraps, DynaTrap Replacement Bulbs, and mosquito baits like FineTune Bait Block to help you.

Kill insects and bugs and reclaim your yard and outdoor spaces from the mosquitoes.

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